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Providing professional services of a BC Notary

Real Estate Conveyancing and Developing


Purchasing a Home

 When purchasing your home, our office is able to guide you through the complicated process and answer all your questions along the way. 

Selling your Home

We are happy to assist you with your sale and make certain the process runs smoothly.

Selling or Buying without a Realtor

 If you are buying or selling a home without a realtor, our office can assist you from the start of your transaction to ensure your legal rights are protected. 

Mortgage Refinance/Debt Consolidation Mortgage

 We are experienced with many different lenders and mortgage companies including private lenders and would be happy to assist you with your mortgage. 

Adding or Removing Someone from the Title of your Home

 Whether you are removing a former spouse due to a separation or divorce, from the title of your property or adding a new spouse or child to the title of your property, we can assist you in navigating the process. 

Subdividing Property, preparing and registering covenants, easements, and building schemes


Our office is experienced with subdividing property both complex developments and simple two lot subdivisions.  We also can prepare easements, covenants and building schemes.